Dominica Family Needs Help After Hurricane Maria!!! AMA

Kishorn Gordon
Sep 28, 2017

I am please asking the kind hearted people out there to please assist me in helping my friends and family in dominica to rise on they feet again, Hurricane Maria has cause widespread devastation on the island of Dominica, Friends and family lost everything, Houses, clothes, shoes, personal documents, everything, island of Dominica is no longer operating due to hurricane Maria, please help.

Please click the link below and take a look at the video of Aljazeera news to see this is no joke, please help, if you have paypal please donate any kind of funds you can please to Please help.

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Where are you from?

Dec 15, 4:59AM EST0 Reply

Have you tried asking help from your local government?

Dec 8, 11:07PM EST0 Reply

I am sorry to see your suffering, I am sure you will rise above this tragic event in time. How are you coping up? Are the basic utilities already working in your area?

Dec 3, 1:42AM EST0 Reply

what is the Government doing about it.

Nov 28, 1:07PM EST0 Reply

I am Puerto Rican and my family also have lost a lot in Puerto Rico I hope you find everything you looking for god bless you 

Nov 22, 5:04PM EST0 Reply

Where are you from?

Oct 30, 2:45PM EDT0 Reply

What help do they need most? 

Oct 22, 3:11AM EDT0 Reply

When did this happened

Oct 18, 7:49AM EDT0 Reply

Wishing you the best of luck with rebuilding your beautiful island! I thought you may like to check out another AMA very similar to your own, a lady who has lost everything due to a hurricane - crowdfundingama

Sep 28, 11:22AM EDT0 Reply

What is the government doing to help people like yourselves?

Sep 27, 10:15PM EDT0 Reply

the gorvernment is slowly helping people, people of the opposing side barely getting served with relief and getting aid. 😔

Sep 28, 10:17AM EDT0 Reply

What job did you do and can you still work?

Sep 27, 9:35PM EDT0 Reply

a cleaner, no I can't work, nothing is functioning right now, roads damaged, we are cut off from the rest of the island.

Sep 28, 10:16AM EDT0 Reply

Did your house get flooded?

Sep 27, 2:13PM EDT0 Reply

more than flooded, it got swept away by the hurricane.

Sep 28, 10:14AM EDT0 Reply

How long do you think the restoration efforts will take?

Sep 27, 12:25PM EDT0 Reply

how this place looks it will take 3-4 years.

Sep 28, 10:14AM EDT0 Reply

Did anyone in your family got injured?

Sep 27, 11:11AM EDT0 Reply

a few cuts and bruises, nothing major.

Sep 28, 10:13AM EDT0 Reply

Are there any NGOs providing aid in your country?

Sep 27, 10:45AM EDT0 Reply

we are getting aid but they are also prioritizing, and where we are located we are currently cut off from the rest.

Sep 28, 10:13AM EDT0 Reply

Have you or your family thought about looking for a job online to make an extra income? There are several sites that offer online jobs, like data entry, writing articles, customer support etc.

Sep 27, 10:07AM EDT1 Reply

can you please send me a few links to those websites please, I would really appreciate it.

Sep 28, 10:12AM EDT0 Reply

This article has a link to most sites:

Sep 30, 1:21AM EDT0 Reply

Was this the first hurricane you experienced?

Sep 27, 9:14AM EDT0 Reply

yes, my first major hurricane experience.

Sep 28, 10:11AM EDT0 Reply

What is the infrastructure like at the moment, are there shops open or gas stations and are the roads cleared?

Sep 27, 8:22AM EDT0 Reply

the roads are being cleared slowly but surely, everywhere is closed, not even the hospital is functionable right now.

Sep 28, 10:10AM EDT0 Reply

Do you have any kind of insurance that can help?

Sep 27, 8:08AM EDT1 Reply

im sorry but no, not wealthy enough for insurance.

Sep 28, 10:09AM EDT0 Reply

Have you thought about making a video so that people can see what you are going through right now?

Sep 27, 7:49AM EDT1 Reply

my friend have recorded a video.

Sep 28, 10:08AM EDT0 Reply

Do you have a computer and internet?

Sep 27, 5:38AM EDT1 Reply

i have my cell phone right now.

Sep 28, 10:06AM EDT1 Reply

so I use mobile data to stay connected.

Sep 28, 10:07AM EDT0 Reply

Is the airport working again?

Sep 27, 1:44AM EDT1 Reply

only the small air port is currently working.

Sep 28, 10:06AM EDT1 Reply

What was the worst experience you had when Maria hit?

Sep 27, 12:05AM EDT1 Reply

When I saw Maria taking the house, it was frightening. Like something out of a movie.

Sep 28, 10:05AM EDT1 Reply

Where you able to get enough provisions before the hurricane?

Sep 26, 9:05PM EDT1 Reply

a lot of people did their best but everything got swept away.

Sep 26, 9:44PM EDT0 Reply

Where are you staying now?

Sep 26, 8:49PM EDT0 Reply

Parrays Village.

Sep 26, 9:43PM EDT0 Reply

What will you do to prepare for future hurricanes?

Sep 26, 7:47PM EDT0 Reply

this is where proper infrastructure comes in to play as well as planning and evacuation.

Sep 26, 9:42PM EDT0 Reply

Is there any solidarity between neighbors or people who suffered the same plight?

Sep 26, 7:21PM EDT1 Reply

There is and we are doing all we can to help each other.

Sep 26, 9:40PM EDT0 Reply

How long in advance did you know before Maria hit?

Sep 26, 5:47PM EDT1 Reply

a few days

Sep 26, 9:39PM EDT0 Reply

Are you on facebook or twitter so I can follow you?

Sep 26, 2:04PM EDT1 Reply

Kishorn Gordon (IslandBoy Gordon) @thaislandboy767

Sep 26, 2:07PM EDT0 Reply

Are you on facebook or twitter?

Sep 26, 1:49PM EDT1 Reply

yes I am, kishorn Gordon(IslandBoy Gordon) @thaislandboy767

Sep 26, 1:54PM EDT1 Reply

Has some aid organization come to help on the island?

Sep 26, 1:41PM EDT1 Reply

Yes we have a few island sending relief to dominica, but the roads are so bad that certain communities are cut off from others, some evacuation is happening, the lower class people like myself and others are being left behind to fend for ourselves.

Sep 26, 1:53PM EDT1 Reply

Have you contacted the church?

Sep 26, 12:40PM EDT1 Reply

Churches on our island has been  also destroyed by hurricane maria, most of us are currently in survival mode, some are in violent mode by looting everything from super markets to clothes stores, even relief is being given politically.

Sep 26, 12:52PM EDT1 Reply

My prayers are with you.

Have you been affected by the hurricane? Has this happened in the past?

Sep 26, 12:07PM EDT1 Reply

Thank you so much, yes I have been affected, we have seen bad days but Hurricane Maria destroyed everything, everything!

Sep 26, 12:13PM EDT1 Reply
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