I am Michael, Marriage and Life Coach, and help individuals rescue their marriages and relationships through the realization and ownership of one's values, goodness, and truth. Ask me anything about how I may help you in your life's journey.

Oct 10, 2017

I help individuals and couples overcome the trauma of the potential destruction of marriages and relationships. The failure of cherishing,  loving relationships and the pain of rejection, loneliness and loss of deep intimacy can be overcome to rebuild trusting, vulnerable, and fulfilling  life-long emotional connections.

Since 2005, people have been guided, with my help, into the reality of what they own within themselves of all that is good and true and beautiful.  Each person is brought in to the understanding they have played out life as life has played with them.  Ineffective and counter-productive behaviors, manifested in adult life, are the injuries resulting from what has been done to them or for them as a baby, toddler, school-child, teenager, and adult. Our traumas have arisen from anything that has not been nurturing to our development into a mature human being. The labels we place on ourselves as a performer, perfectionist, people pleaser, controller, emotionally-disconnected, or victim are the devices we employ to survive. The desperate roles we play in relationships display the wounds from our life’s journey’s trials.

I open the individual’s eyes to their true self. Most of us have been driven via shame to an alienation of who we are as worthy, cherished, valued, embraced, and loved persons - without any condition of what we do, think, feel, look like, or own. In that alienation from the true self, we create a false self to meet our perceived expectations of what others and the world desire. In that falseness, our investment of energy to maintain the façade becomes destructive and akin to one being as the walking dead. The transformation from the false to the true person awakens each being to a life of enrichment and fulfillment. The good of all a person can offer others is internalized in the intimacies created from connecting with those in our lives at a heart, soul, and spirit level.

In my initial, free coaching session with my dear clients, we examine the challenges of the relationship they are in and goals desired to realize the fullness of a loving, intimate journey. Hidden obstacles are sought that may be sabotaging efforts to do what is right. Strengths are evaluated for creating strategies and tactics to develop an action plan specific to the uniqueness of the relationship challenges. A vision is determined to re-focus, re-energize and define a new direction for the best opportunity for success in what can be a beautiful journey of discovery and celebration of two lives becoming one, together.

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